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Appalachian Mountain Club, ME – For support of work to decommission roads and to restore streams and fish habitat by replacing culverts and building wooden bridges on the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Katahdin Iron Works Ecological Reserve tract, over 10,000 acres of forever wild land that Sweet Water Trust helped AMC protect in 2006-8.

Forest Society of Maine – Support for the Society’s stewardship and monitoring of the Haynes Brook forever wild conservation easement in Amherst, Hancock County – a critical “in-holding” in the 5,000-acre Amherst Mountains forest protection project. That forest forms part of the Bald Bluff Mountain Focus Area designated by the State of Maine as a Focus Area of Statewide Ecological Significance.

Forest Society of Maine – A grant to help complete protection of the Moosehead Ecological Reserves, important tracts of mature forest within the Moosehead Region Conservation Easement, consisting of the following areas: Big Moose Mountain – 1,023 acres that include a notable mature spruce-fir-northern hardwood forest and white cedar woodlands, as well as a rare plant site; Big Wilson Stream – 269 acres that include mature spruce-fir-northern hardwoods and upper floodplain hardwood forests; and Baker-Lily Bay Mountain – 1,574 acres that include a notable mature subalpine fir forest.

The Nature Conservancy, New Hampshire Chapter – Support for survey work at The Nature Conservancy’s rugged, mountainous 10,500-acre Vickie Bunnell Preserve in northwestern New Hampshire, an important link in a region of protected lands that extends from Nulhegan Basin in Vermont to the Connecticut Lakes Region in the north, and from the White Mountain National Forest and Nash Stream State Forest in the south to the Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge in the east. Sweet Water Trust holds a forever wild conservation easement here, helping to protect extensive old-growth and mature forest as well as habitat for rare plants, rare birds (including the Bicknell’s thrush), and animals such as the pine marten.

Northeast Wilderness Trust, VT – For support of Northeast Wilderness Trust’s acquisition of a major addition to its Piscataquis River Preserve in Atkinson, Maine: ~1,760 acres along and near Alder Stream, a pristine tributary of the Piscataquis River and a wetlands system that has been recognized by the Maine Natural Areas Program and the North American Wetlands Conservation Program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a high priority for protection. Alder Stream and nearby Brown Brook are important habitat for brook trout and Atlantic salmon. This acquisition brings the total acreage owned by Northeast Wilderness Trust at the Piscataquis / Alder Stream complex to over 4,500 acres.

Penobscot River Restoration Trust, ME – A grant to assist in the re-wilding of the Penobscot River through dam removal and other work, and, in particular, the dam bypass at the Howland Dam at the confluence of the Penobscot and the Piscataquis Rivers. This work is expected to assist greatly in the restoration of wild reared Atlantic salmon to the Piscataquis River system, including its tributary Alder Stream. Sweet Water has worked assiduously in the past 15 years to protect land along the Piscataquis River and Alder Stream.

The Sierra Club Foundation, San Francisco, CA – Support of the Maine Sierra Club’s study of the ecological impact  of the proposed East-West Highway corridor, especially the impact on the network of protected – as well as the yet unprotected – ecologically significant lands that extends from the Machias Lakes and Rivers area in the East, through the Lower Penobscot Forest / Sunkhaze National Wildlife Refuge / Amherst Mountains and the Alder Stream / Piscataquis River Preserve in central Maine, to the Western Mountains conservation area – all places where Sweet Water Trust has helped to protect large blocks of land as forever wild in the last fifteen years.

Town of Stoddard, NH – A grant to establish an endowment fund for the management of the Stoddard Rocks / Pioneer Lake Preserve in Stoddard, New Hampshire. Sweet Water Trust helped protect this 731-acre property at the center of over 22,000 acres of protected land that include the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests’ Peirce, Williams, and Holland properties and Pickerel Cove Preserve and The Nature Conservancy’s Loverens Mill Cedar Swamp Preserve, as well as other lands protected by the Harris Center for Environmental Education, the Audubon Society of New Hampshire, other partner organizations, and private landowners. The Stoddard Rocks / Pioneer Lake Preserve is now owned by the Town of Stoddard and further protected by a forever wild conservation easement held by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.