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Appalachian Mountain Club, ME – For support of the Roach Ponds Forest Reserve project protecting 10,460 acres in Shawtown and Bowdoin College Grant Townships, Piscataquis Count, Maine, which forms part of the larger, ~28,000 acre Roach Ponds conservation project involving extensive tracts of land near Moosehead Lake formerly owned by Plum Creek Maine Timberlands. The conservation of the Roach Ponds Forest Reserve, with its remote ponds, extensive frontage on the West Branch of the Pleasant River, and proximity to the Appalachian Trail corridor, has been secured by a permanent conservation easement conveyed by the Appalachian Mountain Club to The Nature Conservancy.

Forest Society of Maine – Support for the Forest Society of Maine’s stewardship and monitoring of forever wild conservation easements.
$10,000 as second installment of a multi-year pledge

Francis Small Heritage Trust, ME – For support of the Sawyer Mountain project in Limington and Limerick, York County, Maine, specifically for the acquisition of the critical Hertel addition at the mountain’s summit. Sawyer Mountain is part of a series of forested peaks over 1,000 feet that rise above the floodplains of the Great and Little Ossipee and Saco rivers. The Sawyer Mountain Highlands constitute one of the few remaining large, unfragmented forest areas in southern Maine. A forever wild conservation easement on this land is held by the Green Mountain Conservation Group, a land trust based in New Hampshire that protects land in this two-state natural area.

Land Trust Alliance, Washington, D.C. – Support for the design, editing, layout and production of the handbook Documenting and Protecting Biodiversity on Land Trust Projects - an Introduction and Practical Guide by Christopher R. Wilson.

Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust, MA – For support of a permanent stewardship and monitoring endowment for a forever wild conservation restriction on the Masson Ridge property in Northfield, MA. This property is an addition to the now ~5,000 acre protected portion of the 13,000 acre, largely roadless Satan’s Kingdom area on the Massachusetts-Vermont border, where more land protection is planned. This project secures the permanent protection as wildland of natural habitat that includes black gum and black ash swamps, rich mesic forest, and numerous vernal pools and streams with vibrant amphibian populations.

The Nature Conservancy, Maine Chapter – Support for The Nature Conservancy of Maine’s partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, specifically for the protection of ~10,000 acres of land in the border areas of Quebec’s Green and White Mountains. This grant also triggered a match from The Nature Conservancy’s Maine Leverage Fund for the purchase of the 9,900 acre Moose River Number Five Mountain Preserve, part of the Moosehead Framework project.  The Moose Mountain project safeguards one of the largest areas of mature, unroaded hardwood forest in western Maine and several Heritage Brook Trout ponds. The Moose Mountain property, formerly part of the Plum Creek holdings and now owned by The Nature Conservancy, has been protected in perpetuity by a forever wild easement held by the Forest Society of Maine. These extensive forested acres adjoin a previous Sweet Water Trust supported Nature Conservancy project: the 4,790 acre Moose River Number 5 Bog Ecological Reserve. That Reserve is owned and protected by the State of Maine subject to a forever wild easement held by The Nature Conservancy, which ensures the permanent protection of numerous rare plants, animals, and natural communities and secures habitat for wide-ranging species like moose, marten, fisher, and Canada lynx.
$250,000 as final installment of a multi-year grant

Northeast Wilderness Trust, VT – For support of Northeast Wilderness Trust’s acquisition of a major addition to its Piscataquis River Preserve in Piscataquis County, Maine. By acquiring the ~1,200 acre Prentiss & Carlisle property with grants from the federal North American Wetlands Conservation program and private donors, NWT brought its protection in this area to 2,750 acres and approximately six miles of frontage along the Piscataquis River. This land, with its extensive wetlands and habitat for waterfowl, rare birds like the olive-sided flycatcher and rusty blackbird, federally endangered Atlantic salmon, and other rare animals and plants, as well as wide ranging animals like fisher and moose, will be protected by a permanent forever wild easement held by the Forest Society of Maine.
$85,000 as final installment of a multi-year grant

The Wilderness Society, Washington, D.C. – Support of The Wilderness Society’s study entitled Heart of the Northern Forest: A Wilderness Vision, which will identify specific locations in need of wilderness protection and recovery in the North Woods area of the Northern Appalachians. The resulting report will identify the land classes (composition, age, structure, etc.) needed by size, relative position, and contiguity that will optimize the probability that the Northern Forest will maintain near-term ecosystem function and long-term adaptive potential in the context of climate change and other anthropogenic stressors. The Wilderness Society will use this research and report to help guide land protection efforts of federal, state, and local governments and non-profit partners.