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Francis Small Heritage Trust, ME – For support of the Sawyer Mountain project in Limington and Limerick, York County, Maine, specifically to complete the protection of ~ 1,100 acres of land in the Sawyer Mountain Highlands, a series of forested peaks over 1,000 feet that rise above the floodplains of the Great and Little Ossipee and Saco Rivers.  The Highlands constitute one of the few remaining large, unfragmented forest areas in southern Maine.  A forever wild conservation easement on the land is now held by the Green Mountain Conservation Group, a land trust based in New Hampshire that protects land in this two-state natural area.
$60,000 as final installment of a multi-year grant

Lake Champlain Land Trust, VT – Support for baseline documentation and a stewardship endowment to assure the perpetual enforcement of the forever wild conservation easement on the Helen W. Buckner Memorial Preserve (see The Nature Conservancy of Vermont, below).

The Nature Conservancy, Maine Chapter – Support for The Nature Conservancy of Maine's international work in partnership with The Nature Conservancy of Canada, specifically for continued land protection in the northern Green Mountains / Sutton Mountain Natural Area of Quebec. This grant also triggered a Maine-TNC match of $375,000 for the purchase of the ~14,000-acre Moose River, Number Five Bog property, part of the Moosehead Framework project.  A 4,790-acre portion of that land is now owned and protected by the State of Maine as an Ecological Reserve, with a forever wild easement held by The Nature Conservancy.  Another ~9,000-acre tract owned by The Nature Conservancy will be subject to a forever wild easement held by the Forest Society of Maine.  The Moose River and Number Five Bog project protects numerous rare natural communities and provides habitat for wide-ranging species like moose, marten, fisher, and Canada lynx.
$250,000 as part of a multi-year pledge

The Nature Conservancy, Vermont Chapter – Support for the acquisition of the 297-acre Stone property at Bald Mountain, in West Haven, Vermont and the protection of ~1,369 acres as forever wild in the Helen W. Buckner Memorial Preserve through the granting of a conservation easement to the Lake Champlain Land Trust.  The easement protects ~3,500 feet of Lake Champlain shoreline and two miles along the Poultney River, which supports rare fish and mussels.  The protected lands constitute one of the most important sites for biodiversity in Vermont, containing numerous natural communities -- from a talus slope that is home to peregrine falcons and rare snakes to an extensive, intact floodplain forest.  The preserve also protects landscape connectivity for wide-ranging animals such as black bears and bobcats moving between the Green Mountains and Adirondacks.

State of Maine, Maine Natural Areas Program – Support for the publication of Maine's Natural Communities Handbook, a resource for land trusts, citizen naturalists, researchers, and students to identify the diverse natural communities in the state.