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Appalachian Mountain Club, ME – For support of the Katahdin Iron Works project in northern Maine, specifically the purchase of the 37,000-acre Katahdin Iron Works property and the creation within it of a 10,386-acre Ecological Reserve, permanently protected by a forever wild easement to the State of Maine. Grant directed to the Northeast Land Trust Coalition, Pew Charitable Trusts, to generate matching funds.
$300,000 as final installment of a multi-year grant

Maine Farmland Trust – For support of a stewardship endowment for a permanent conservation easement protecting ~2,900 acres of prime farmland and associated forestland in Atkinson and Charleston, ME, important buffer to the Alder Stream Preserve lands of Sweet Water Trust and Northeast Wilderness Trust. Overall, approximately 20,000 acres have now been protected in a mosaic of state and privately protected lands in the Alder Stream / Piscataquis River area of northern Maine, home to rare birds like the Rusty Blackbird and Olive-sided Flycatcher, migratory waterfowl, federally endangered Atlantic salmon, wood turtle, moose, bear, marten, otter, fisher, and habitat for the federally threatened Canada lynx.

The Nature Conservancy, Maine Chapter – Support for The Nature Conservancy of Maine's international work in partnership with The Nature Conservancy of Canada, specifically for continued land protection in the northern Green Mountains / Sutton Mountain Natural Area of Quebec. This grant also triggered a Maine-TNC match of $375,000 for the 12,710-acre Sunkhaze-Bradley linkage property in Maine's Lower Penobscot Forest, part of a 42,000-acre protection effort by The Nature Conservancy of Maine, the Forest Society of Maine, the State of Maine and federal partners.

Northeast Wilderness Trust, MA – Support for the purchase and protection of the 565-acre Howland Research Forest in Howland, ME, an old growth, low-elevation transitional boreal forest. Protection ensures continued availability of the land for ecological and other scientific research (including ongoing research on carbon sequestration) after two decades of study by the University of Maine, Woods Hole Research Center, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Forest Service and other research partners. Protected by a perpetual Declaration of Trust.

Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association, ME – Support for the Partnership to Promote Proactive Land Conservation in the Sheepscot Watershed, a collaboration among the Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association, the Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance, and the Boothbay Region Land Trust to identify and advance protection efforts for ecologically significant land in the Sheepscot River Watershed of central Maine.
$5,000 as final installment of a multi-year grant

Squam Lakes Conservation Society, NH – For support of the acquisition of the 86-acre Fowler Trust addition to the Metcalf Preserve, an important connecting piece in the effort to protect 13,000 acres in the Squam Mountain Range. The land is permanently protected with a forever wild easement held by the Northeast Wilderness Trust.