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Appalachian Mountain Club, MA – For support of public education to promote the establishment of forest reserves in Massachusetts.

Harvard University / Harvard Forests, MA – For support of the publication "Wildlands & Woodlands, A Vision for the Forests of Massachusetts."

Institute for Ecosystem Studies, NY – For continued support of public education and outreach in promoting the inclusion of small watersheds and headwater streams in landscape-scale conservation plans.

Middlebury College, VT – For continued support of the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada / The Nature Conservancy, Maine Chapter – For acquisition and stewardship of 10,000 acres of land on Mt. Sutton, Quebec, protected with a forever wild servitude. Part of grant given to The Nature Conservancy as a qualifying gift for the Wilson challenge fund.
$250,000 as final installment of a multi-year grant

The Nature Conservancy, Maine Chapter – Toward the purchase of the 41,000-acre Debsconeags Lakes Wilderness Area, part of an initiative by multiple conservation groups striving to connect nearly 750,000 acres of contiguous protected land around Baxter State Park. Grant directed to the Great Bear Project in British Columbia, generating matching monies through the Wilson challenge fund.
$500,000 as part of a multi-year pledge

The Nature Conservancy, Maine Chapter – For continued support of the Conservation Stewardship and Road Retirement project in Vickie Bunnell Preserve in New Hampshire, Debsconeags Lakes Wilderness Area in Maine, and West Mountain Preserve in Vermont.

The Nature Conservancy, Massachusetts Chapter – For support of outreach efforts for the establishment of forest reserves in Massachusetts.

The Nature Conservancy, New Hampshire Chapter – For support of Phase 1 of the Schoodic Brook Protection Project, placing 560 acres of the Courser Family Lands (Author David Carroll’s “digs”) under conservation easement.

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation – For support of New Hampshire GIS Conservation Collaborative to add GAP Management Status Codes for conserved land as data layers of conservation interest.

Northeast Wilderness Trust, MA – Scholarship support for Karin Tilberg to attend 8th World Wilderness Congress in Alaska. Karin Tilberg unable to attend; grant re-directed to support ecological assessment and stewardship for Hinesburg Land Trust's 37-acre Gillispie Property.

State of Maine, Department of Conservation – For support of work to develop baseline documentation on Maine’s Ecological Reserves.