Sweet Water Trust is dedicated to the preservation of wild Nature.

Welcome! Sweet Water Trust is a grant-making foundation whose mission is to support land conservation that safeguards wild lands and waters, native wild flora and fauna, and living soils. Since its founding in 1992, Sweet Water Trust has made over 650 grants to partners (national, regional, state, and local land trusts and government agencies) to protect land as wild and to encourage support of wilderness values. To date, we have had a part in conserving over 300,000 acres of land in the Northern Appalachians as forever wild.

Sweet Water Trust focuses on large, landscape-scale conservation projects in northern New England, the Adirondacks, and neighboring Canada, often supported with major grants. All projects must meet the criteria set out in our grant guidelines. One particularly important requirement is that the land's wilderness qualities be protected by a conservation easement or equivalent permanent legal instrument.

We welcome you to this web site and counsel those who may be seeking grants to read on prior to submitting a funding request. We encourage all readers to learn about the lands that Sweet Water Trust has protected on the Protected Lands page and to read the rationale for protecting wildlands, especially at a landscape-scale, on the Why Wild page. Why Wild also has links to other organizations that protect land in its natural state - or advocate for such protection. Our Maps page links to The Nature Conservancy's interactive maps showing the status of protected lands in the Northern Appalachian region and includes a map of Sweet Water's work in Maine. Finally, we encourage you to go to the Conservation Easements section of this web site for sample language to include in conservation easements that protect land as wild.

As of June 1, 2018, the Open Space Institute is providing staff for grant review and administration to Sweet Water Trust on a contract basis. Open Space Institute (OSI) is a non-profit organization headquartered in New York with over 40 years of experience in land protection and grant administration (www.openspaceinstitute.org). Jennifer Melville, who is based in Freeport, ME and serves as OSI's Vice President for Conservation Grants, will become the first point of contact for grant inquiries (see her e-mail address below). Sweet Water Trust will continue to be an independent foundation, and all final decisions on grants will be made by the Sweet Water Trust trustees.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your efforts on behalf of wilderness conservation,
Sweet Water Trust
Walker Buckner and Eve Endicott, Trustees

For inquiries regarding grants or general matters relating to Sweet Water Trust, please contact:
Jennifer Melville

If you need financial information quickly, please contact our bookkeeper:  
Cheryl Smith  

For all grant inquiries, see our Grant Guidelines page.                    To view our tax return, please visit www.guidestar.org



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